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     bluffspot: {bluff~spot} noun
      1.   That time and place, usually between the turn and the river, where you find you either have to
      bluff hard to force your opponent(s) to fold and steal the pot, or lay your cards down;

  That about sums it up doesn't it? You're at that place where you have two decisions, fold your junk hand or bluff so well your opponent(s) are forced to throw away perfectly good cards.

This FREE site has been created and designed for the poker enthusiast looking to host their own home poker games, poker tournaments or ring games. Register today and create your own "Poker League". Send email notices to your league members about upcoming tournaments. Keep track of your member's points, ROI and rank... find out who in your poker league has the best poker face.

Once logged in you'll find setting up your league is quick and simple - we also have some of the best applications to help you host your poker tournaments and ring games. The Bluffspot Blinds Clock is like no other - incorporating all facets of the game to include payouts, blind amounts, sounds and the nicest clock we could code! Take a look at the Bluffspot Chip Calculator -unlike other chip calculators, amongst other things ours will actually tell you how many chips you'll need for the game!

Come check out some of the other features of having a league here at Bluffspot offer you! Maybe you want to know how your cards will hold up - try the Poker Hand Calculator!

But best of all - every Bluffspot member has access to the Bluffspot Poker Room - come try your poker skills and compete against other league players!

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This Just Added: Have a poker table named and dedicated to your League! Contact Bluffspot to find out how!

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