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    Texas Hold'em Poker has become quite the phenomenon; with online players almost dominating the poker scene. With the advent of television coverage and the amount of cold hard cash these tournaments rake in, it's no wonder that more and more "new" players are signing up every day. The members of although not professional, do play on other pay and play sites and regularly spot our ads. The clickthrough count is accumulating heavily on a daily basis and our SEO procedures are worked, pushed, pulled and prodded around the 'net every day. On 9/02/08 we officaly opened our doors and we have already received a terrific pagerank rating and have been listed in over a 300 social sites (we have been watching).

We are now removing the free floating ads of our affiliates and replacing them with purchased advertisements. There are 7 positions on the rightbar and 5 positions on the leftbar. What we will also be offering is our sponsors page and the sponsors drop down fields viewable by all persons entering the site.

With that being said, our Premier Members receive no advertising on the site. When they come to monitor or edit their league, we don't bombard them with advertisments. But... our free cardroom is online and here is where you will get the most bang for your buck! We have 14 spots (7 on either side) of the table. 2 of the spots on the right have been purchased already, leaving the whole left bar and 5 positions on the rightbar. Each spot is 120X60 or 120x120.

We will be accepting applications for ad placement directly on the table.

Please Contact Us for pricing and to answer any questions you may have.


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